Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Enjoying Parenthood


This blog is my tribute to my parents  who brought us up with nothing better to guide them  than  lots of love  and basic common sense.Even though we had our usual quabbles while growing up ,today as I bring up my own kids  I find myself  looking back  to recall my parents reactions to my various tantrums when I was all of  four!!
This blog is not a manual on parenting tips. Infact it is an attempt to reach out to other parents like me who are often taken completely unawares by by strange situations while looking after their kids. It is only my way of reaching out to all those groping in the dark, "Hey! you are not alone in the universe of parenting. It's okay if you dont have all the answers.-- you'll figure them out soon enough"

 Over the years I have come to realize that a parent is born much in the same way a child is . All the knowledge we may have acquired before becoming a parent pretty much goes out of the window when you hold your little one in your arms for the first time .The plethora of parenting guidebooks flooding the markets would have us believe that once we have read them cover to cover we are well equipped to take on the responsibility of a new life.But real situations are often not as cut and dried.

So for all those couples who want to have kids but are apprehensive about their capabilities as parents and their level of preparedness to handle this mammoth responsibility --I would like to say- just go ahead ,because you are just as prepared now as you are ever likely to be . Motherhood is a highly glorified job in the society that we live in but I do feel that a couple can get by with mutual support and sound common sense.There is no such thing as being "fully prepared" for parenthood.
Bringing up two adolescent kids has still not prepared me mentally for what I might have to handle in a few years time. Everyday presents a new challenge,a new problem where I find myself delving into the recesses of my mind trying to find the right answers which may not even exist! So by and large I feel parenting hones a basic skill , one that management gurus rave about--- thinking out of the box. .There are no readymade answers because there are no predictable questions.
Children sometimes bring out strengths in us some of which we ourself are unaware of . You would be surprised at your own  level of patience, caring , concern , warmth ,generosity of spirit and kindness  you never knew you had. Time and again they draw upon our hidden qualities and make us a better person.
So do you think you are ready for the magic?

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  1. Its as if this was written specifically for me. Your words have not just reignited the blown out craving for a child but has in the same breath extinguished all apprehensions of being a "perfect" mom.

    Extremely well written! Thank you.