Wednesday, 25 January 2017

We Are Watching You...

We are watching you ..
Every gesture ,word or deed,
The way you speak,  command or plead,
The words that often go unsaid__
The way  you smiled when your heart bled...
We have watched you praying night and day,
Blinking stubborn tears away,
Wrestling with the fears that cling;
And Forgotten heartaches that still sting ,
We were watching you..

 We have seen you grapple with truths n lies-
 Dressing hard facts in disguise
 To spare the pain that might come our way
 You closely watch every word you say.
When all of a sudden you are so jolly and bright
and say,  "Everything will be all right"
We know there are answers you are trying to find
 To deal with fears that gnaw on your mind.
And all the time ..we are watching you...

We see you trying to calm your heart
 And doggedly trying to play the part
 Of the perfect parent , our ideal--
 ...and....becoming something so unreal.
  We knew when you were just so stressed_
 Troubled,worried and depressed.
 Though you seemed calm and in control
 Trying to do justice to your  role
Yet we knew...

So today we want you to know -

We understand _we love you and we care.
We can deal with pain,loss n despair
And we'll be strong, come what may
Cause we have watched you night n day.
So please don't feel incompetent or small
You may be our  parents but you are human after all,
And subject to all human follies too.
When you were carefully watching over us...
.......we were carefully watching you. 

-Parul Mathur